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Tooth Extraction Ocoee FL

At Classic Smiles, we provide the best dental care for you and your family. Our seasoned professionals are always fine-tuning their skills to ensure the best experience, and that comes handy when you need to have your tooth extracted. The procedure itself is simple and requires only local anesthesia, but you will feel some pressure. Two tools are used: the elevator, which will loosen your tooth, and the forceps, whose function is to do the actual removing.

Some cases need surgical extractions. Wisdom teeth, for instance, often require an incision in the gums to expose the tooth. Depending on the angle, shape, or other conditions, the tooth might need to be cut into smaller pieces. Other teeth may also need surgical extractions if they are covered. Other reasons for surgical extractions are the length and/or curvature of the root, unusual positioning, and the thickness of the bone around the affected tooth.

Reasons for Teeth Extractions

The reasons you should have your tooth extracted may vary. A crowded mouth, for instance, involves the removal of healthy teeth to make room for adjusting. Also, problems like periodontal disease in the gums may degenerate the periodontal ligaments and loosen the teeth, creating empty spaces around them. Those spaces are prone to building bacteria and often cause chronic inflammation, hence extraction is needed to stop the problem from affecting other areas.

Untreated cavities and tooth decay are also very common causes of tooth extraction. When the damage reaches the inner core of the teeth, the pulp becomes vulnerable to bacteria and infection, leading to tooth decay.

After the removal of the teeth, the bleeding must be stopped. It is usually done by asking the patient to bite a gauze swab. This may take up to thirty minutes or more. A talkative patient, for instance, may bleed longer since the mouth should remain perfectly still to keep the pressure on the spot. After the blood is contained, stitching seals the wound and prevents post-extraction bleeding.

Teeth Replacement: Is It Necessary?

The tooth must be replaced or there might be complications like inflammation since the hole left might build up bacteria. The alignment of the teeth may be compromised, or over time the adjacent teeth might drift or rotate to fill the gap. The ideal option is an implant, which will prevent the alveolar bone from resorption. Since it is a lifetime solution, you should always look to one of our specialists to make sure there will be no problems in the future. A bridge may be an option if certain conditions are met, but it may further damage adjacent teeth. If too many teeth are compromised, a denture is a quick and relatively cheap option.

Even though teeth extractions may look like simple procedures, if they are not handled with the proper care and professionalism, you may create another problem instead of solving one. Be sure to call our office Classic Smiles at (407) 378-0139 as soon as possible to make sure you get the best treatment available for a long-term solution that will endure your whole life.
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