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Mouth Guard Ocoee FL

Image of a mouth guard at Classic Smiles in Ocoee, FLHere at Classic Smiles we can provide options and information about mouthguards for nights. Using a mouthguard at night is useful in the protection of teeth against grinding.

If you grind your teeth while you sleep, it may help you to wear a mouthguard at night. Mouthguards even out the pressure across your jaw. They protect your jaw and teeth by creating a physical barrier between our lower and upper teeth.

The mouthguards worn at night are similar to sports guards worn by athletes in sports such as boxing, football, and baseball. They are made from plastic and rubber and can be brought over the counter or made to fit by our dentists.

Why Do I Need a Mouthguard for Nights?

Grinding your teeth in your sleep is known as bruxism and is a very common occurrence. Bruxism wears down the teeth and can destroy tooth enamel, leaving your teeth open to being easily chipped and cracked. Once this enamel has been destroyed it cannot be replaced. There are several conditions that stem from grinding your teeth, aside from the wearing down of the teeth.

It can cause yellowing of the teeth, gum recession, and migraine headaches. The constant clenching of the jaw during sleep can lead to headaches, a painful jaw that affects daily activities like eating, chewing, and talking, and can cause sore facial muscles.

Types of Mouthguards

Over the counter, mouthguards can be inexpensively purchased at most pharmacies and come in many different types. Some variations come with boil and bite customization, where the mouthguard is placed in boiling water until the plastic material becomes soft and pliable. This warm plastic guard is then inserted into the mouth and bitten down on, allowing the material to mold to the shape of the teeth.

Other over the counter mouthguards do not have boil and bite technology and instead have a cushioning element that molds to the teeth which each bite. These guards are low cost, but they wear out quickly, are much less comfortable, and less effective than custom-fit guards.

Custom made mouthguards are professionally fitted by our dental professionals, allowing us to address any specific dental needs you may have. These guards are made using a mold of your teeth that is then sent to a laboratory and customized to your exact dental measurements. These types of mouthguards are made from a hard, durable plastic that lasts for much longer than over the counter options. They are fitted for either the top or the bottom row of teeth and will safely stay in place overnight.

NTI mouthguards (trigeminal inhibition splint) are guards that only cover the front top and bottom teeth. NTI’s keep the front teeth from meeting, alleviating pressure from the jaw and stopping the teeth from grinding against each other. NTI’s are not always recommended as they can misalign the front teeth if used for a prolonged period.

If you suffer from teeth grinding find more information out about mouthguards that are worn at night, call the experienced professionals here at Classic Smiles at (407) 378-0139 today!
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If you grind your teeth while you sleep, it may help you to wear a mouthguard at night.Let Classic Smiles give you a full examination and help ease your fears.
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