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Dental Bonding Ocoee FL

If you are ready to restore your smile, Classic Smiles may be able to help through a tooth bonding procedure. Bonding is a form of cosmetic dentistry that involves the application of a tooth-colored resin to repair chipped, decayed, discolored, and fractured teeth. Bonding is considered one of the easiest and less expensive cosmetic dentistry procedures. Bonding can also be done during one single dental visit.

There are certain conditions that may make patients viable for bonding. After all, no one has perfect teeth. Poor dental hygiene, aging, or even traumatic injury may cause significant teeth damage. Bonding is simply here for people who are not happy with how their teeth look. Even though we will sit down with you and discuss all possible options when it comes to cosmetic dentistry, bonding is always a very serious consideration in teeth restoration. Compared to other cosmetic procedures such as veneers, it can deliver excellent results at a shorter period.

How Does Teeth Bonding Work

There is no preparation needed to do teeth bonding.The first step will be to determine the composite resin color to be applied during the bonding. Remember, the aim is to make sure that the resin used looks the same as the rest of your teeth. Our team uses a shade guide to establish this. Once the color is chosen, the surface of the teeth will be abraded or etched slightly. This is designed to roughen up the area where the resin will be applied which in turn ensures the bonding resin adheres as effectively as possible.

The next step is to now apply the resin around the treatment area. The resin will be molded over and over again until the desired shape is realized. After that, ultraviolet light or a laser will be used to harden it. As soon as the agent has effectively hardened, our team will continue to trim and shape up the resin until we are confident that it has fully matched the shape of your teeth. Finally, the entire teeth will now be polished to deliver a great smile.
It takes about 30 minutes to complete the entire procedure. More time may, however, be needed in certain cases but an hour should be enough to get the job done.

What Are The Benefits Of Bonding?

Compared to other Cosmetic Dentistry procedures, tooth bonding offers a number of great benefits. First, it is a less costly option. It can deliver an excellent smile and treat severely damaged teeth at a very low cost. It also takes less time. The effects of teeth bonding are actually instant. The procedure takes less than an hour too. Not many cosmetic dentistry procedures deliver results that fast. Finally, bonding is a far simpler procedure to do. This makes it relatively safer compared to other procedures.

If you are sitting there thinking that perhaps it’s time to explore bonding in restoring your teeth, our team at is ready. Get in touch at Classic Smiles at (407) 378-0139 anytime.
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